Smart Tech saves Businesses £s – learn more at this “Home of the Future”

This Energy Assessor’s showcase property is a mini power station of smart technologies which also fuels a fleet of 3 plug-in vehicles – its energy bills reflect the benefits of investing to save, applicable to businesses as well as householders.
07 Nov 2016
11:00 - 12:00
3 MacTaggart Way,Pitcairn, Glenrothes, KY7 6FA

Smart Tech saves Businesses £s – learn more at this “Home of the Future”


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Shirley Paterson


This property’s energy bill is where it was 5 years ago – astoundingly it now even fuels 3 vehicles – they are plug-in electric, and get fuelled up from the property with its 4 charging options. Those aren’t the only smart technologies at work here – the key over the past 5 years has been the integration of technologies. Come along and see some examples of what is do-able.

Would you too like to cut overheads by reducing energy bills? Often there is inertia within businesses to take action – small improvements can lead to making BIG reductions to bills over time. Consider the cost of inaction – where will energy bills be in years to come?

The 4Ms are so important: Metering, Measuring, Monitoring and Management of Energy.

nextGenergy won the 2016 Kingdom FM Local Hero Best Green Initiative Award, and was a Finalist in the 2015 Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland Awards (VIBES) in the Transport Category.

This is an opportunity to hear directly from Shirley Paterson, Founder of nextGenergy – who energy assesses properties, has technical specialists and is knowledgeable about funding to support. This will be an inspiring session.