Community Enterprise in Action

Promoting Community Enterprise in Fife - Come along and explore what BRAG can do to help you set up your own enterprise wither it’s a social enterprise or a private company. If it’s going to have social impact we want to help.
10 Nov 2016
11:00 - 12:00
Crosshill Business Centre, Main Street, Crosshill, Fife, KY5 8BJ

Community Enterprise in Action


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Brian Robertson-Fern


We can offer information and access to ongoing 1-2-1 assistance with staff on hand that day to help

If you have a community development idea that could bring jobs or prosperity to your community we want to hear from you. It could be a volunteer programme or a large venture employing staff. It could also include the ownership of community assets. Who knows more than you? Come along with your business idea and have a chat

As well as advice and guidance we can point you in the direction of funding and support. If you’re also currently unemployed and think you can run this or another business yourself you may even qualify for funding through our New Enterprise Allowance. Come along and find out.